The Concept Of Gharanas

Since Indian Hindustani classical music is one of the oldest forms of classical music around the world, it follows many ancient methods of teaching. In the olden days in India people who were truly passionate about music would go and learn music in the guru-shishya system of learning. The guru-shishya system of learning was an atmosphere of learning wherein those students truly interested in learning music would go and spend days, months and even years with their gurus perhaps even at their houses learning music and perfecting their sur,taal and gayaki. This form of imparting the musical knowledge it practised even today, for instance I go to learn music from my teacher so he teaches us at his house so we go their once a week and learn. However, now its a little bit modernised so people don’t particularly live with their gurus but they do to learn from them at regular intervals.

From this idea of learning from a guru at his hose came the idea of a group of people learning from the same guru resulted from one group of shishyas having different singing techniques from the other groups. This lead to formation of various “STYLES” or “GHARANAS” within the classical form of music.

Now in Indian there are various Gharanas that have distinct features that make them different and unique , setting them apart from the other group or “GHARANA”

Well there is a lot more to learn and know about these Gharanas; however, I will probably discuss at a later t


This system of Gharanas really does show how Indian classical music has developed over the years and how as more and more people learnt it how it expanded. I think it’s really sad how many Indians these days don’t know much about this music. Therefore I am here to achieve this very purpose of making Indians aware of their ancestral heritage and its greatness.

Personally, I like the Patiala Gharana because the beats mesmerize my ears. I love the use of different laiys and a good amount of bols. Well, if you also enjoy this kind of music by the artist of the Patiala Gharana I have some news that will interest you. On May 12 , 2017 a very famous artist from the Patiala Gharana, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty will be coming to Dubai for a show at DUCTAC.

To buy tickets you can visit ths link:-

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