Timing In Indian Classical Music

As mentioned earlier Hindustani classical music is very beautiful and an art of great precision. Another aspect of various ragas in Indian Classical Music is the time of the day in which they are sung.

So, each Raag has a specific prescribed time during wich it as has to be sung for example, The first hour of the night in hindi,”Raatri ka pratham prehar” Now it’s very thoughtful how each of the timings for the raags have been divided as each Raag sets a different for the specific time of the day.

I hadn’t personally felt it before but then a few days back I got up early for the early morning prayer, Now this prayers time ends before sunrise so I got up around 5:40 am that morning. I felt really active and energetic so I decided not to go back to sleep it was like one of those productive morning, during which you get that great feeling that tells you you’re going to achieve all your goals for the day. If you know what I exactly mean 🙂 After prayer I started out with my Yoga sun-salutations. After my sun salutations at about 6:35 I wasnt sure as to what to do so it struck me that I could listen to some relaxing music. I couldn’t think of any relaxing music that I knew of so as I thought I glanced at my harmonium and realized, BINGO 😉 I can listen to a morning raag.

I quickly ran towards my laptop and began to search for morning raags on YouTube, trust me they were super easy to find and I was able to find morning raags by various artist all at the click of a button. Listening to that music was amazing literally like the best thing to do on a morning. It was so soothing and calming but at the same time it made me feel as tough that day was a great day. The music was so calming and soothing but at the same time energized me and prepared me for the day.

I honestly would love to try it on a school morning, I think we all know how much we love getting up for school or do we not? However,I think this could help us all on a gloomy and bitterly early already quite work filled school morning. I feel like a little bit of this kind of music could set your mood in for the right direction an early morning.

I think over the break which by the time this comes out I presume would have already ended , oh well all good things do come to an end! 😦 I think during the time I have remaining during this break I will experiment with this idea of getting up early and listening to a morning raag and by the end of the break I will provide you with a list of links with my favourites

After this experience with the wonderful morning I decided to experiment with the time just before bed. That worked pretty well too I had really sound sleep with no disturbance. That was some of the most peaceful sleep I had ever had. Kind of like the sleep you get at the end of your exams.

I hope all of this helps you guys, and I hope you’ve been enjoying these articles/updates/ blogs. As usual if you enjoyed the blog please do ‘like’ so that I know that you guys are reading and enjoying this, also if you have any comments of feedback of any sort feel free to comment below this post or contact me(email address I in the contact menu) would love to hear from you.                                                                                                                                                  P.S-any kind of feedback is welcome, cause it just feels really nice to know that some of you are reading this ❤



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