Happy Holi

Heres wishing everyone a very happy holi, may this spring time bring all its vibrant colours into your lives.

Another aspect of Indian classical music is that it is an all rounded kind of music, different raags are sung at different times of the day and different seasons of the year. One raag that we most often hear during Holi is RAAG KAFI. During Holi there is a special type of music that is sung and it is called HORI. 

Hori is mainly found during this time of spring and holi. Hori is a semi classical form  of music wherein the lyrics are mainly based on the festival of Holi. Hori songs are mainly composed in Raag Kafi, Raag Basant, Raag Pillu,Raag Bahar and Raag Allahaya Billawal.

Hori also has a focus on the stories of Lord Krishna and Radha. I think that this form of music really brings out the true spirits of Holi because as we know holi is a time during which people are very carefree, they play pranks on each other, put colours on one another and it’s just a time of the year during which everyone is in a mood of celebration. So this music also portrays a similar kind of setting wherein there is lots of fun and excitement.

So , I would like to suggest that this Holi along with the colours and Gujiya, why not listen to some Hori music to really get the true feeling of Holi and Basant. Thankfully we live in this age of YouTube and the internet so this is available to us at the clicking of a button.

I hope all of you enjoy holi this year with the usual colours, sweets and now even a little bit of classical holi music.


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