My Interaction with classical music

The first interaction with classical music was when I was about 8 back in 2010 on 10th May. I still vividly remeber the morning I wasn’t really excited as to the 8 year old me it meant getting up early in the morning on a FRIDAY MORNING. I mean I tought to myself how unfair, Friday and Saturday are my weekly off.My only two days when I can get up late.

When I got to class I dont really remember how I felt all I remember was me telling my mum, on the way back ,that  class was nicer than sleep 😉 My mom told me that classical music was magic and thats the only way she could describe it.

I definetly felt this different kind of joy that any movie, food , or for that matter anything I had ever done gave me. I knew that this was something that was going to be quite interesting.

From that day on music has been a vital part of my life whether be it classical or just the songs you hear on the radio but without music my life would be incomplete.

That was my first experience with music , you know mine but now i would love to know yours. You can leave a comment on this post or send me an email. I will be waiting to read and know all about yur first experience.


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